Rempac Foam Invests in the Health and Well-Being of Employees During Covid-19 Pandemic.

LUMBERTON, NC, April 29, 2020 – Rempac Foam, LLC, an essential company producing quality cleaning products and necessary components for personal protective equipment (PPE) takes the health of its valued employees seriously by installing a state of the art Viking Pure generator at its North Carolina facility. The generator allows them to produce two kinds of powerful and effective natural cleaning agents: a surface cleaner called PureClean and a sanitizer called PureSan on-site. The PureSan solution is highly effective at killing pathogens, including coronaviruses, while remaining safe and nontoxic. The patented system is EPA registered and the cleaning agents have been granted an official Green Seal Certification. It is all a part of Rempac’s holistic approach to employee safety including monitoring employee temperatures, providing reusable cloth masks and hand sanitizer as well as practicing social distancing.

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Rempac Final Press Release – Viking Pure System