Private Label

Rempac’s diverse line of abrasive sponge products

Our private label philosophy is to match and exceed the sponge specifications of the National Brand equivalents. Period

Our line extensions go both ways – with both enhanced and value engineered sponge SKUs to give your private label line range that the NB does not offer -  including our proprietary “Scrubex” coating 3 levels of scouring surfaces, our engineered polyurethane (synthetic) grades as well as soap and fragrance filled sponges.

We offer multiple consumer ready packaging options flow wrapping, shelf ready trays, clip strips and promotional floor displays.

We bring innovations to the market  - that is why our cleaning sponges are powerful cleaning products and top performers in multiple marketplaces: Consumer, Commercial and Institutional. 

Rempac produces, designs & fabricates a complete line of industrial & commercial foam products, OEM products, and private label products consisting of cellulose sponges, foam sponges, abrasive sanding sponges, and medical foams for the marketplace

We are the lean and low cost manufacturer of choice for both major branded sponge lines as well as private label programs for key grocery accounts.

We operate in over 200,000 square feet of manufacturing and distribution in Lumberton, North Carolina – with 40M Sq Ft of Warehouse & Distribution

Our domestic and international sourcing & supply chain is well established for cellulose, non woven fiber and packaging components.

Our customer scorecards show on average: 99% quality, 99% in-stock, 99% on-time delivery.

We offer value added services: EDI / VMI / CPFR.